Hello, citizens of the backend engineering realm. My name is Shivang and I've kickstarted this newsletter to keep myself and you in the loop of the recent developments in the backend engineering space. 

What will you find in this newsletter? 

Short informational snippets on distributed systems, cloud, application development, shiny new products, tech trends, learning resources, and essentially everything that is part of the backend engineering ecosystem. 

Being a part of this newsletter, you'll stay on top of the developments that happen in this space on an ongoing basis.

Why this newsletter?

I actively read to stay informed in the backend engineering space, so why not list down my learnings and findings in a newsletter for myself and the community. Also, I will focus on keeping this content concise for a fun, relaxed read.

If you are someone who looks forward to long-form content, you might want to check out my other newsletter called the Web Scale, where I write long-form content on distributed systems design and backend engineering in general. 

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